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Say NO to Pesticides
& Chemical Fertilizers

A grass yard does nothing to benefit the climate or biodiversity. Adding pesticides and chemical fertilizers to our lawns kills not only undesirable grubs but also lightning bugs, which burrow underground until Summer. 
  • We dump 90 million pounds of herbicides on our yards every year.

  • Exposure to pesticides can increase a child's likelihood of developing asthma. 

  • Dogs exposed to herbicide-treated lawns are more likely to develop cancer.

  • Many pesticides are lethal to birds and beneficial insects, as well as microorganisms in the soil.

  • The cycle of applying pesticides and chemical fertilizers to your yard ultimately erodes the health of the soil, requiring yet more fertilizer applications. 

Source: Beyond Pesticides

Mosquito control

Mosquitos can ruin a beautiful summer evening, but there are effective and safe ways to reduce their population. 
  • Dump all standing water in your yard --- mosquitos lay their eggs in even the smallest pools

  • Install a bat house

  • Invest in mosquito dunks (available widely at hardware stores, garden centers, etc.). They kill mosquitos in the larval stage, which means they'll never get the chance to bite you. Their active ingredient is BTI, a naturally occurring bacteria. 

    • Use April--September, when mosquitos are active. 

    • One dunk can treat 100 square feet or surface water; you can break them up if the area being treated is smaller

    • Dunks start working within 48 hours and last for 30 days

Pest company sprays are ineffective and dangerous to pollinators. Do not use!

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