How do I get rid of...?

Bulk Waste


  • Town composting info tk

  • Java's Compost picks up food scraps and turns them into nutrient-rich soil.


  • Bring unwanted or broken electronics to the Public Works Yard (122 Carteret St.) on the second Saturday of the month, 9 am-1 pm.

Hazardous Waste

Junk mail

Plastic bags

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  • Glen Ridge participates in curbside single-stream recycling (#1, #2, #5 plastics; cans; glass; and paper). Click here for details.


Unwanted household items/furniture

  • Freecycle day takes place the first Wednesday of the month. List your items in the Freecycle Directory and put them out on the curb. If your item does not get taken, consider donating it or posting it on social media in lieu of leaving it out for bulk trash pick-up.​

Yard Waste

  • Leaving leaves is best! Vital insects overwinter in the leaves, and are both an excellent food source for songbirds as well as important for the survival of our native plants. Leaves also make excellent, nourishing mulch, and they contribute carbon to your compost pile. 

  • Yard waste curbside pick-up takes place the first garbage collection day of the week. Click here for more information.