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Frequently Asked Questions


1.​   How should I recycle compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs?


At the present time, the Borough is not able to provide recycling for CFLs.  CFLs should not be thrown in the trash but may be taken to the nearest Home Depot store. There are special collection containers by their customer service counter.  We suggest you keep a box in your garage or basement to collect the old bulbs and schedule a Home Depot drop off when needed.


2.    How do I dispose of regular alkaline batteries?


Currently, there is no recycling option for alkaline batteries. They may be thrown away in your regular trash until we find a company that is interested in collecting and recycling them. In the meantime, we recommend the use of rechargeable batteries. For more complete information on the disposal options for all batteries, click here.


3.   How do I dispose of old carpet?


When you are renovating your home there is often the problem of what to do with your old carpet. Carpets are often made of polyproylene or nylon and therefore take thousands of years to decompose in a land fill. Saving your old carpets from the landfill can make a significant contribution to reducing the total amount of waste that you produce.


Luckily there are ways that New Jersey residents can reuse or recycle their old carpets instead of throwing them in the nearest dumpster. Click here for more information and a list of viable options.












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